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AIR FLOW Vacuum Cup Vacuum Suction


  • Vacuum suction, for an extra tight sensation
  • Strong sensation, for the accelerated explosion
  • Transparent Soft Gel, Soft & highly flexible
  • Easy wash feature, effortless for repeated usage
  • Vacuum design, enjoy at will different variations

Vacuum sensation, a cup that knows how to suck,

During usage, air will be squeezed out through the aerodynamic tunnel for that strong suction feel


Packaging: 100% Privacy guaranteed/discreet packing. Items are in a self-box/self-plastic or ziplock. Packed on a bubble wrap (toy/lubricants/testkit/condoms) and inserted on a SHEX personalized black ziplock pouch bag. The waybill contains the recipient’s name and address only.

AIR FLOW Vacuum Cup Vacuum Suction

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